December 22nd 2007

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EDITORIAL: Bali climate conference disconnected from reality

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Liberals not knowing which way to turn

FILM CLASSIFICATION: Porn film case dismissed by Federal Court

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Can Rudd restore an impartial public service?

FOREIGN DEBT: Last chance to avoid becoming a banana republic?

QUARANTINE: AQIS locks stable door after horse flu has bolted

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: US and Israel differ over Iran nuclear capabilities

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Christmas miscellany / Shopping spree / If the Liberals keep their nerve / One way of spending the surplus / Developing expensive tastes

GENOCIDE: Stalin's Ukrainian famine - the Holodomor

OPINION: Four factors that have shaped the new PM

OPINION: Trojan Horse inside Amnesty International

The abused generation (letter)

John Howard's dignified farewell (letter)

Asbestos cynicism (letter)

Malthusian spectre (letter)

CHRISTMAS POEM: The adoration of the Magi

CINEMA: The Golden Compass - well-crafted fantasy film 'about killing God'

BOOKS: THIRD WAYS: Family-centred economies and why they disappeared, by Allan C. Carlson


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The abused generation (letter)

by Dr Arnold Jago

News Weekly, December 22, 2007

Suspended Queensland crown prosecutor, Steve Carter, asks Australians not to forget "that little girl" (Melbourne Herald Sun, December 14, 2007).

Numerous girls, little and big, are sexually abused daily - not just in Aurukun, but all over Australia.

What is to be done?

Social workers still describe indigenous children fostered by white families as another "Stolen Generation".

Jenny Macklin, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, says she's formulating a national apology from the heart of the "Stolen Generation".

Meanwhile, the uncle of the Aurukun victim says sexual assaults are so bad in his community that he would support a Northern Territory-style intervention.

Let's do it nation-wide.

Plus an apology perhaps for all those children we should have "stolen", but didn't, who, have since suffered abuse.

Dr Arnold Jago,
Mildura, Vic.

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