April 28th 2007

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HEALTH: Married gays die 24 years younger

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AS THE WORLD TURNS: The unmarriage revolution / Unexpected outbreak of morality / Mediocrity on the march / Children recruited to spy for Big Brother

Antidotes to narcissism (letter)

Problems with surrogacy (letter)

Politicised public service (letter)

Bell tolls for national icon (letter)

CINEMA: Spartan sacrifice that saved Greece


BOOKS: BACKS TO THE WALL: A larrikin on the Western Front, by G.D. Mitchell with Robert Macklin

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Married gays die 24 years younger

by Babette Francis

News Weekly, April 28, 2007
The average lifespan of partnered homosexuals is almost one-third shorter than that of married heterosexuals, according to a recent US study. Babette Francis reports.

Marriage between a man and woman improves life expectancy for both; but “married” homosexuals, both gays and lesbians, live about 24 years less than their married heterosexual counterparts.

These findings were recently published by Paul Cameron, PhD, of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado-based think tank, in a study entitled “Federal distortion of the homosexual footprint”, co-authored by his son Kirk Cameron, also a PhD. The paper was presented to the Eastern Psychological Association - the oldest regional psychological association in the United States - at its annual convention in Philadelphia on March 23 this year.

Dr Paul Cameron, a reviewer for the British Medical Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and the Postgraduate Medical Journal, has published over 40 scientific articles on homosexuality.

In Denmark (the country with the longest history of same-sex marriage), during 1990-2002 married heterosexual men died at a median age of 74, while 561 partnered gays died at an average age of 51.

In Norway, the average age of death for married heterosexual men was 77; for 31 gays, it was 52.

The lifespan of same-sex married lesbians was 20+ years shorter than that of married heterosexual women. In Denmark, married heterosexual women died at an average age of 78, as compared to 56 for 91 married lesbians. In Norway, the average age of death for married heterosexual women was 81; for six married lesbians, it was only 56.

“These are the ages of death as reported by the census bureaus of Norway and Denmark,” says Dr Cameron. “While the internet is filled with debate about our previous findings - largely based on obituaries - these deaths were recorded by governments.

“The obituaries we assembled over the same time-period in the US were similar: an average lifespan of 52 for 710 gays who ostensibly did not die of AIDS, 42 yr. for those 1,476 who supposedly did; and 55 yr. for 143 lesbians. So the findings from Scandinavia are not much different from figures derived from U.S. obituaries.”

Shortens lifespan

Lifesite News reports that studies have shown that years of smoking shortens the lifespan of the smoker from one to seven years, but the analysis of the age of death in Norway and Denmark for gays who are legally married suggests that engaging in homosexual behaviour reduces lifespan by 24 years.

Dr Cameron asks: “What justification is there for condemning smoking and endorsing homosexuality? Today, all across the Western world, school children are being taught the acceptability of homosexuality and the wrongness of smoking.

“Given the greatly reduced lifespan for homosexuals, school children should be strongly and consistently warned about the dangers of homosexuality even more so than smoking. Those school districts which are introducing pro-gay curricula need to rethink their priorities.”

Dr Cameron warns that the shortened lifespan of homosexuals “has profound implications for adoption”, adding that “the chances that a gay-adopted child will lose one or both parents before graduating from high school are much greater than they would be with a married man and woman”.

He says: “A gay couple of 35 is, roughly speaking, as close to death as a married heterosexual couple of 55. Divorce is twice as frequent among married homosexuals in Norway and Denmark (even more frequent if kids are involved). It doesn't make much sense to take vulnerable children and place them in the risky situation generated by homosexual couples.”

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth warns that, under the guise of promoting “tolerance”, homosexually-tempted teenagers are being told that they are “superstars” and that “being queer is a gift”. And they are being coached on how to “safely” perform unnatural sex acts, yet they are not told how deadly these activities can be.

LaBarbera says: “It's time to face the reality of homosexual perversions being promoted by gay activist adults to impressionable children. ...

“Parents simply have no clue as to what lies behind that lavender curtain of tolerance and the dangers that lurk there. Depraved homosexual acts that were once taboo and unspeakable among adults are now being taught and promoted openly to kids.

“GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, should be banned from schools. ...

“I have seen firsthand how recklessly homosexual activists promote their destructive lifestyle to minors. Such corruption of youth is unconscionable, but it serves the needs of the hyper-sexualised 'gay' adult male subculture.”

The information provided by Dr Cameron and LaBarbera is particularly relevant to Australia, where there are moves to introduce same-sex relationship registers and to teach school-infants about homosexual lifestyles.

A question could be put to many state health ministers: When the dangers of smoking are so energetically publicised and little “tolerance” is permitted, why are the health dangers and lowered life-expectancy of homosexual lifestyles never mentioned?

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