April 14th 2007

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COVER STORY: Howard's Coalition - fewer options left as election looms

EDITORIAL: The high cost of 'symbolic' politics

THE ENVIRONMENT: Bushfire victims take NSW, Vic govts to court

WATER: Details of PM's water plan - disaster for farmers

NSW STATE ELECTION: When will Liberals, Nationals ever learn?

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Why young people read less / NSW's Knight with the Mournful Countenance / Journalistic hooliganism / The Easter Rising

INTELLIGENCE CORNER: Losing the war on the home front / Assessing the terrorist threat

SCHOOLS: Labor's standard threat to schools

MEDICAL SCIENCE: New developments in stem-cell science

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Australia caught between Beijing and Washington

SRI LANKA: Bloodbath looms in war-torn Sri Lanka

OPINION: An ABC of the ABC - a listener's guide


Millions squandered (letter)

Regional rail networks (letter)

Labor's Mugabe dilemma (letter)

David Hicks (letter)

Russia's Putin should not be demonised (letter)

CINEMA: Story to scare the daylights out of you - Lives of Others

BOOKS: How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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Regional rail networks (letter)

by Kevin O'Neill

News Weekly, April 14, 2007


Charles Sturt University Institute of Land Water and Society held a successful symposium at Wagga Wagga in February to explore the elements of a regional rail network. This is good news.

It has long been the hope of many of us that a university would take up the task of pointing the way for Australia to have an appropriate rural rail network. Rail is the core element of land transport.

With three different rail gauges and several administering authorities, rural Australia will not reach its full potential of productivity until we have an appropriate rail network.

Recently, the Federal Government took the decisive step to coordinate the administration of our scarce water resources with a view to making the best use of what water supplies are available.

The matter of standardisation of the rail gauges and a national administration has long been on the agenda of successive governments.

Charles Sturt University of Wagga has given a lead. It is to be hoped that we will hear more of it in the future.

Kevin O'Neill,
Tocumwal, NSW

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