September 30th 2006

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Articles from this issue:

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Debate simmers over Australian values

EDITORIAL: Learn from America and the EU!

NATIONAL SECURITY: Is ASIO the Achilles heel of counter-terrorism?

MERCHANTS OF SLEAZE: Raunchy lingerie for young children

EMPLOYMENT: Guest workers accepted at economy's expense

QUEENSLAND: State election a no-show for Coalition

HUMAN CLONING: U.S. feminists warn on cloning risks

UNITED STATES: Pro-choice feminism's NeW rival

CLIMATE CHANGE: 'An inconvenient truth?' ... or pseudo-science?

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Quadrant reaches 50 / Grassroots journalism / And another flies over the cuckoo's nest / Howard, Beazley and friends - the next 12 months

ASIAN AFFAIRS: China's missile build-up threatens Taiwan

Queensland election: why the Coalition lost (letter)

September 11 remembered (letter)

Behind the Montreal shootings (letter)

BOOKS: THE BEST OF ANDREW BOLT: Australia's most controversial columnist

BOOKS: THUNDER FROM THE SILENT ZONE: Rethinking China, by Paul Monk

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Behind the Montreal shootings (letter)

by Brian Handley

News Weekly, September 30, 2006

The latest shooting spree in Montreal, Canada, will rightly be followed by calls for tighter gun controls, but it seems the political establishment in the West is always reluctant to talk about the 'dark' cause of these tragic events.

On a website devoted to Goth culture the answer is there for those who wish to see.

On this website, a journal entry from the gunman (Kimveer Gill) says his credo was: "Live fast, die young and leave a mutilated corpse". He described himself as "the angel of death".

His journal entry is peppered with references to grim metal rock lyrics and violent computer games.

On another vampire freaks website he states that he "loved guns and hated people".

This guy was clearly a "sick little puppy" and another classic case of "garbage in, garbage out", yet our liberal establishment in Australia has just been applauding the late Don Chipp for his liberal approach to censorship.

When Minister for Customs, Mr Chipp believed that adults should be able to view and read whatever they wanted and thus turned our censorship law on its head.

However, when the dark consequences of this libertarian philosophy are staring these same people in the face, they either look the other way or try to defend the indefensible.

The brutal reality is that we can't have it both ways. It's all about cause and effect.

Restricting access to high powered weapons, whilst desirable, will not in itself remove the underlying cause of the problem, which is that evil forces can and do corrupt the minds and actions of people and must be filtered out of a well-ordered society through measured censorship, or we will live (and die) with the consequences.

Brian Handley,
Moe, Vic.

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