October 14th 2006

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COVER STORY: COMMONWEALTH-STATE RELATIONS: Will Howard override WA on natural gas?

EDITORIAL: Bushfires: an ounce of prevention

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Behind the move to lift cloning ban

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Farmers protests over free trade in Cairns

TRADE POLICY: Why WTO trade talks failed

STRAWS IN THE WIND: The decline of Labor, the fate of Smith Street, Blair's departure and the Regensburg Address

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: T3 sell-off will not end Telstra's woes

HOUSING: Urban planning is destroying the great Australian dream

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: North Korea's nuclear ambitions: is China really powerless?

ANTI-LIFE CAMPAIGN: The selective indignation of Senator Stott Despoja

OPINION: The case for optional preferential voting

BIOTECHNOLOGY: The ascent of Mount Improbable

The debt trap (letter)

The Pope and Islam (letter)

The Ice epidemic (letter)

BOOKS: LONDONISTAN: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within, by Melanie Phillips

BOOKS: SCOURGE AND FIRE: Savonarola and Renaissance Italy, by Lauro Martines

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The Ice epidemic (letter)

by David Perrin

News Weekly, October 14, 2006

The use of the club drug Ice is now at epidemic levels and is more dangerous than heroin.

Ice is highly addictive, is cheap to produce and easy to obtain, with Kings Cross in Sydney having plenty of supply. Ice use causes chronic depression, violent aggressive and irrational behaviour, paranoid psychosis, panic, delusions and hallucinations.

Sixty Minutes recently reported that 70,000 young Australians are addicted to Ice and are flooding the psychiatric units at public hospitals.

The long term mental health of Ice users poses a significant crisis for psychiatric units and a potential blow out of health costs.

Because Ice is such a new club drug, the long term effects on users has not been researched but health professionals have extensive experience on the short term impact on users.

The Australian Crime Commission claims that there are 102,600 regular Ice users in Australia being supplied by highly organized criminal syndicates mainly producing in Queensland.

The most effective way to stop Australians using Ice is to reduce the demand by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation.

David Perrin,
Drug Advisory Council of Australia,
Doncaster East, Vic.

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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