March 18th 2006

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COVER STORY: AUSTRALIAN EXPORTS: Why we need a single desk for wheat

EDITORIAL: Net foreign debt soars towards $500 billion!

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Talentless, faction-torn Labor on the skids

TAXATION REFORM: Governments not facing the important issues

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Australian Democrats, Greens move to restrict religion

SCHOOLS: Science teaching turned upside-down

STRAWS IN THE WIND: The future-eaters / Still more Turkish delight / Paul the train-wrecker is back

POLITICAL IDEAS: The new dark ages that are already upon us

CULTURE AND CIVILISATION: Perils of banishing religion from society

CULTURE: Hollywood, religion and C.S. Lewis

RUSSIA: Russia's population implosion

OPINION: AMA and RANZCOG taken to task over RU-486

Attorney-General's 'grave concerns' over national security breach (letter)

Labor's Kevin Rudd on abortion drug (letter)

Anti-life politicians 'a useless commodity' (letter)

Capitalism raises living standards (letter)

BOOKS: SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT: An Introduction, by C.J. Barrow

BOOKS: Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour: Armistice Day 1918, by Joseph E. Persico

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Capitalism raises living standards (letter)

by Greg Byrne

News Weekly, March 18, 2006

Judging by Peter Westmore's editorial, "Tide turns on global capitalism", (February 18, 2006), News Weekly is one of the most anti-capitalist publications in the country.

I suppose when Peter jumps out of the swimming pool he thinks this is a good time to do over those nasty free-market advocates again. So he goes on his broadband Internet and gets a bit of info, scribbles down a few notes before turning on his plasma to watch the cricket.

So then he starts typing his article on his computer. Meanwhile, his dinner is in the microwave and, just as he finishes his article, he's ready to eat. After that he puts his dishes into the dishwasher and goes back to his plasma and watches a DVD movie.

From the Battle of Waterloo till the end of Queen Victoria's reign, life expectancy in Britain rose from about 25 to over 50 years. Infant mortality dropped dramatically and living standards rose to unprecedented heights.

That is the free market at work, Peter. That is capitalism.

Greg Byrne,
Rowville, Vic.

Editorial note:

Peter Westmore was away interstate at the time News Weekly was going to press; but, as far as News Weekly's staff can ascertain, he does not have a swimming pool, plasma screen or broadband Internet access at home.

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