June 24th 2006

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OBITUARY: Vale Bob Browning (1932-2006)

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Prof. Walter Starck 'a winner' (letter)

Bid to scuttle pregnancy support services (letter)

No mention of Pauline Hanson or One Nation (letter)

BOOKS: FALLING BLOSSOM: A British officer's enduring love for a Japanese woman

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No mention of Pauline Hanson or One Nation (letter)

by Peter Townsend

News Weekly, June 24, 2006

I am compelled to write to criticise Prof. David Flint as I have recently finished reading his book, Twilight of the Elites, which I purchased through Freedom Publishing.

While the book is very good reading, and the persons whom Prof. Flint criticises deserve to be made accountable - i.e., the media, the government and the judicial system - I cannot understand how anyone can cover the subject and not once mention Pauline Hanson or One Nation.

Prof. Flint reveals how the words "racist" and "racism" were used by the media when anyone dared to have a say concerning illegal immigrants and refugees flooding into Australia, and any opposition was effectively neutered. Prof. Flint mentions the shortcomings of ATSIC and Native Title.

Prof. Flint makes some observations relating to judicial appointments and the performance of the High Court.

How could you leave out the fact that the High Court of Australia declared Great Britain a foreign power so as to remove Heather Hill, One Nation's first elected federal senator?

She was a naturalised citizen of Australia, but had not renounced her allegiance to her country of birth.

Prof. Flint refers to Section 44(i) of the Australian Constitution, which covers the above, but does not mention Heather Hill's political demise.

My personal opinion is that anyone who agreed with Hanson, but who had a prominent position in our society, or a business that would be affected, suitably distanced themselves.

Peter Townsend,
South Penrith, NSW

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