July 8th 2006

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IRAN: Can the West tame Iran's nuclear ambitions?

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Something rotten in academia (letter)

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Under the influence? (letter)

WONDER WOMAN: The myth of 'having it all', by Virginia Haussegger

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Under the influence? (letter)

by Tom King

News Weekly, July 8, 2006

Might I suggest that the author of the article, "Can Beazley win on workplace relations?" (Canberra Observed, News Weekly, June 24, 2006), should be taken to the editorial booze bus and tested for possibly being under the influence of the Coalition's propaganda illusionary media medication?

To describe the economy as booming - e.g., that "unemployment has ducked under 5 per cent for the first time since the mid-1970s", and that "the remaining jobless consist of mostly older, unskilled and entrenched unemployed males" - is to deny the blatant facts and butter up the Government.

The March 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed that 36.8 per cent of 15- to 19-year-olds on the mid-New South Wales coast lack full-time work. The national figure for this age group was 21.36 per cent, as of January 2006.

In December 2005, the mid-North Coast of NSW recorded youth unemployment as being 35.8 per cent.

I trust this letter might be published to redress a very misleading perception of a government that is abandoning Australian youth, industry and farmers to its multinational masters.

Tom King,
Elanora, Qld.

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