August 19th 2006

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The endless mutations of anti-Semitism

by Mark Braham

News Weekly, August 19, 2006
Not content with re-writing history and denying Hitler's Holocaust of the Jews, anti-Semites have also seized upon the Arab refugee problem as an excuse to de-legitimise the state of Israel, writes Mark Braham.

Post-Holocaust, anti-Semites had a problem. They were confronted by a political voice in the West, underpinned by a street sympathy for Jews never before experienced in the history of Christian civilisation.

To overcome this obstacle, they pursued two strategies:

First, they claimed that the figure of six million murdered Jews was highly exaggerated. This was then followed by a more sophisticated canard that there were no gas chambers, deaths in Nazi camps supposedly having been chiefly the result of typhus and disease.

This was not finally put to rest until David Irving, too ambitious by far, was exposed by internationally-renowned British and American historians and the British courts.

Second strategy

But the anti-Semites' second strategy was their discovery in 1948 of the problem of Arab refugees.

After World War II, there were a number of refugee problems to be solved. The Poles and the Czechs expelled several million Germans, who were forced to leave their property behind, without compensation. Time magazine wrote: "It is a tale of horror ...". Pope Pius XII protested; an American Committee Against Mass Expulsion was formed; General Walter Bedell Smith called it "repugnant and unacceptable".

Hungary expelled 260,000 Germans, followed by Rumania, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. By 1950, a total of 11,603,400 Germans had been expelled, of whom 6,817,000 were from the Oder-Neisse territories; 2,921,400 from Sudetenland; and 1,865,000 from Eastern Europe, i.e., Poland, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Memel-Danzig.

In 1946, Hungary and Czechoslovakia solved their minority problem by an exchange: 31,000 Magyars to Hungary; 33,000 Slovaks to Czechoslovakia.

In August 1947, when the Britain left India, partition resulted in "mass slaughter, rape and atrocity". An official figure for loss of life is not available, but "a figure of close to a million seems a reasonable estimate" (Denis Judd, The Lion and the Tiger: The Rise and Fall of the British Raj 1600-1947, OUP, 2004). Official figures record that 6 million Muslims fled India for Pakistan and 4.5 million Hindus fled Pakistan for India. All lost their homes and means of livelihood.

Nine months later, when Britain left Palestine, reliable estimates of the number of Arab refugees range between 500,000 and 700,000. (Evelyn Waugh, reporting from Jordan, said 500,000.) But only Arabs interested the anti-Semites.

It was the same story when such a little problem as the Rwandan genocide when 800,000 Tutsis killed by Hutus in 1994 aroused no more than a few days of media interest.

And what happened with the Darfur region of western Sudan? Since Feburary 2003, over 400,000 black Muslim tribesmen have been murdered by Arab Muslim militias known as the Janjaweed.

The Janjaweed leader, Musa Hilal, having declared his intention to "change the demography of Darfur and empty it of African tribes", has forced another two million to flee their homes. Hilal has also declared that he has been sent by the Sudanese Government to "clear the land to the desert and kill all the blacks in the area".


This is probably the worst case of genocide since the Holocaust and it is being done unprotected by any veil of secrecy or world war to conceal what is happening.

Where were the media? Not really interested, as the area lacked Jews and good hotels. More to the point, what was the UN doing? Kofi Annan, please explain.

Meanwhile, a brief survey of the historical background to Palestine adds perspective.

On their way to Canaan, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh (hence the name Monash), whose flocks were very large, wished to settle in the fertile country east of Jordan. In response to Moses' protest, they willingly agreed to accompany the other tribes and play their part in conquering the land promised by God - a land then inhabited by idolaters whose rites included the sacrifice of children to their gods and licentious sexual behaviour forbidden to all mankind under the Noahide Laws.

Chief Rabbi J.H. Hertz comments on Numbers XXXII: "Eastern or Transjordanic Palestine is 150 miles long; its breadth varies from 30 to 80 miles. It is, throughout, over 2,000 feet above sea level, with a temperate climate, a land of health and fertility.

"The middle region - Giliad - bore perfume and medicine for the whole Eastern world. Giliad is covered with forests; and its valleys, by orchards and vineyards."

Even more famous was its pasture. "Flocks and pastures have ever been the wealth, the charm, the temptation of Eastern Palestine - a land of opulence and insecurity." (G.A. Smith, The Pentateuch and Haftorahs, Soncino, 1936).

Sir George Adam Smith, Scottish preacher and Semitic scholar, wrote The Historical Geography of the Holy Land (1894, revised 1931). The work proved invaluable to General Sir Edmund Allenby in the Palestine Campaign of 1917.

At the San Remo Conference in 1920, Great Britain was awarded the mandate for Palestine. When Britain accepted the mandate, it included Eastern Palestine, otherwise known as Transjordan, but most certainly Palestine.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 undertook to give to the Zionists a "Jewish national home" in Palestine, but Eastern Palestine was excluded. In 1921, Britain gave Eastern Palestine to the Hashemite dynasty to create what was in fact a Palestinian Arab state to be known as Jordan.

The area was 34,820 sq miles and, by law, no Jew was allowed to settle in Palestinian Arab land. The western part of Palestine was 7,817 sq miles. (For a comparison, Tasmania, Australia's smallest state, is 24,450 sq miles).

Thus the original Palestinian Arab state was almost four-and-a-half times the size of what remained in the west. It also contained the most fertile land suitable for cattle and agriculture, which is why the two and a half tribes, owning the largest flocks, told Moses they wished to remain east of the Jordan.

Arab violence against the Palestinian Jews expanded in scope and brutality from 1919 to 1936. Britain's Peel Commission in 1936 suggested partition. Jewish funds, raised by a worldwide appeal, had bought and cultivated 15 per cent of what remained of Palestine. This the Peel Commission decided that the Zionists could keep; the other 85 per cent could be given to the Arabs to create a second Palestinian Arab state. The Arabs refused: they had no intention of accepting a Jewish state of any size. This consensus among the Arabs, mostly tacit, but now explicit with Iran's promise to "wipe Israel off the map", has never changed.

The UN again proposed a partition in 1947; the Zionists accepted, but the Arabs of course refused. In defiance of Britain, Israel was declared a state in 1948. Five Arab armies invaded, but were repulsed by the ragtag, ill-equipped Jewish settlers, reinforced by volunteers recently demobilised from Allied armies and who had fought in World War II.

Israel is still fighting for its very existence.

Hezbollah is using the familiar cowardly tactics of the terrorists: no uniforms, hiding among civilians, defiance of all the Geneva conventions by using prisoners for blackmail purp-oses ... Of course, the civilians in south Lebanon are Hezbollah supporters. Who else would live among them and be used as human shields?

One can only read with disbelief the letters and comments that hold the Howard Government responsible for not keeping a fleet of ships on call to rescue Australians with dual nationality - that is, individuals who have lived in Australia just long enough to qualify for welfare and/or pensions, then returned to live in a war zone increasingly devoted to making war on Israel (which includes the killing of Israeli Arabs) by rockets aimed at heavily-populated Arab areas in Israel's north.

- Mark Braham

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