April 15th 2006

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: Uranium export deal rewards China

EDITORIAL: Globalism: Australia at risk

SPECIAL FEATURE: Sujiatun Camp inmates murdered for their body parts

CANBERRA OBSERVED: What Labor will do about uranium mining

ECONOMICS: Should the Australian dollar fall below US 40 cents . . .

AFTER CYCLONE LARRY: Inadequate infrastructure and disaster insurance

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY: Bid to elevate status of same-sex unions

TAXATION: NSW Liberal MP calls for tax reform for families

FAMILY LAW: Divorcing dads let down again

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Count your fingers after you shake hands / Dragon's share / Moralists with ghoulish interests

REGIONAL ECONOMIC POLICY: A single currency for East Asia? (Part 1)

JAPAN: Quiet revolution in Japan's strategic thinking

SCIENCE: Scientist calls for death to humanity

Superior tradition of social democracy (letter)

Beazley's downside (letter)

BOOKS: DO NOT DISTURB: Is the media failing Australia?, edited by Robert Manne

BOOKS: SHENANIGANS on the Ovens goldfields: the 1859 election, by Antony O'Brien

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Beazley's downside (letter)

by John McCarthy

News Weekly, April 15, 2006

While it may be true that Kim Beazley remains Labor's best bet as leader for the next federal election (Canberra Observed, News Weekly, April 1, 2006), it is surely not because he possesses any outstanding talent, charisma or articulateness, but rather because the rest of the ALP front bench is so untalented and unattractive.

And as for your praise of "Mr Beazley's good traits", as a voter/public servant I found these noticeably absent whenever I had anything to do with him when he was Defence Minister.

Up close and personal, he was uniformly arrogant, humourless, cold, without the common-touch, and unengaged with his employees - definitely not avuncular.

It is time to dump the myth of him being a roly-poly, giggling good guy who is generally liked but who just somehow can't get the polls to reflect this

Instead, it is time to describe him honestly as a repeat political failure whose career accurately reflects the factional dysfunction and personal political aggrandisement which have been at the core of the ALP since the 1955 Split (the 2006 Hotham pre-selection imbroglio being just the most recent example of this).

John McCarthy,
Pearce, ACT

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