April 1st 2006

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COVER STORY: The lessons of Cyclone Larry

EDITORIAL: Elizabeth and the future of the monarchy

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Beazley - federal Labor's last best hope?

INTERNET: Labor's mandatory filtering pledge

NATIONAL SECURITY: When a search warrant becomes a death warrant

ENERGY: U.S. investors head for ethanol industry

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Emperor's new clothes / Tokenism to vandalism / West Papua - here come the people smugglers / heaven help the working man

CHARTER OF RIGHTS: Sneaking through a radical agenda

VICTORIA: School textbook vilifies Christianity

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Liberal debacle in SA election

TASMANIA: Greens lose out in Tasmanian poll

AVIAN FLU: China obstructs fight against flu pandemic

OPINION: What is behind the rise of European anti-Semitism?

Not anti-capitalist (letter)

Kernot affair the start of the Democrats' rot (letter)

Forces of evil at work (letter)

Disturbance in the force (letter)

CINEMA: Brokeback Mountain - a case of sour grapes


BOOKS: THE NARNIAN: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis, by Alan Jacobs

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Forces of evil at work (letter)

by Robert Garratt

News Weekly, April 1, 2006

The abortion epidemic has no doubt contributed to the progressive decline in Australia's birth-rate. This decline is already having serious ramifications for the future of our nation because it is now the dominant factor in the rapid ageing of our population.

Every working day, approximately 300 unborn Australians are aborted. That's the size of an average primary school.

Just imagine what that figure is likely to climb to if the abortion pill RU-486 is approved for distribution.

I say to any member of the medical profession: Australian taxpayers funded your education to become doctors to save lives, not extinguish them.

Forces of evil have arisen in our time to destroy both child and its source. Marriage is increasingly ignored in order to promote sex without children or commitment. Pregnancy is violently separated from birth by abortion, stridently justified by the "women's rights" lobby, without any thought given to the rights of the unborn and defenceless child.

These evils are contagious to the point where even good marriages are being infected.

The values that are most basic to society are increasingly not prized by the mass media or sociologists. Too often, the family has to struggle against the values instilled in the press, on film and on television. Throughout history, the best cultures and civilisations have honoured the family.

With the triumph of today's so-called "new morality" and "freedom of expression", moral values are sneered at and called "outworn superstitions", "rigid and obsolete creeds", "restraints forged by our forefathers" and "man-made laws".

But, on analysis, the "new morality" proves to be the old immorality with a different label. After all, if you take last year's fish and label them "fresh out of water", in spite of that label, the fish will speak for themselves.

Robert Garratt,
Wodonga, Vic.

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