September 24th 2005

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EDITORIAL: Telstra sale: not a 'done deal'

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Could Australia cope with a natural disaster?

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Are new anti-terror laws good for Australia?

INTELLIGENCE: Past espionage failure spooks US partnership

STRAWS IN THE WIND: New Orleans - a cracked society / Unemployment / Costello's new constituency / Liberal leadership / Potemkin politics

TAIWAN: Taiwan's tax system keeps money in the family

UNITED STATES: Judge Roberts impresses at US Senate hearing

AGRICULTURE: Unbridled globalism harms poorer nations

SPECIAL FEATURE: How the sex industry destroys society (Part 2)

THEATRE: Play's one-sided slant on Bush and the Iraq War

Who is to blame for New Orleans tragedy? (letter)

Tony Blair and the Iraq War (letter)

Family Law's five-fold disaster (letter)

OBITUARY: Frank Rooney - R.I.P.

BOOKS: UNSPEAKABLE: Facing Up To Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror, by Os Guinness

MAKING 'BLACK HARVEST': Warfare, film-making and living dangerously in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea

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Tony Blair and the Iraq War (letter)

by Marcus L'Estrange

News Weekly, September 24, 2005

Max Teichmann ("Straws in the Wind", News Weekly, August 27, 2005), who clearly thinks that President George W. Bush is the cat's whiskers, has also got it wrong in claiming the UK electorate reaffirmed PM Tony Blair's Iraq policy at the last general election.

Blair's New (Class) Labour Party only won with 21.6 per cent of the vote of those eligible to vote; but, because of the "first past the post" voting system, obtained the majority of seats - clearly a minority government in terms of popular approval, if ever there was one.

The only real direct contest over Blair's "war for oil" policy or involvement in Iraq came in the House of Commons East London seat of Bethnall Green. There, George Galloway, an anti-Iraq-war and former Labour MP, defeated the official Labour candidate Ms Oona King, a very keen Blair acolyte and sitting MP.

It will be interesting to see how Mr Ken Clarke - a frontrunner for the Tory Party leadership, and who voted against the Tory Party's support of the war some time go - fares in the forthcoming leadership contest.

Marcus L'Estrange,
London, UK

Editor's note:

About George Galloway, the supposedly "anti-war" British MP: it should be noted that he was expelled from the Labour Party for advocating jihad against British troops.

Christopher Hitchens has reported in Washington DC's Weekly Standard (May 30, 2005), that Galloway endorsed the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's payment for suicide-bombers in Israel and the occupied territories.

Galloway once declared that the worst day of his entire life was the day the Soviet Union fell. Not long ago, he wrote that, "just as Stalin industrialised the Soviet Union, so on a different scale Saddam plotted Iraq's own Great Leap Forward".

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