October 22nd 2005

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Media cover-up of Saddam's WMDs (letter)

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Media cover-up of Saddam's WMDs (letter)

by Tom King

News Weekly, October 22, 2005

Marcus L'Estrange, in his letter to News Weekly (September 24, 2005), made use of the Left's identifier of the Iraq War as a "war for oil".

The Catholic press in Queensland is most obliging in publishing similar letters and opinion pieces, critical of the US-led Coalition's actions in respect to Saddam Hussein and his ruthless Middle Eastern Hub of Hate.

Not a single editor will publish the unbiased truth in respect of Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) question.

This is not so surprising when one considers the unparalleled media shame, occasioned in the USA, where the media has similarly suppressed the truth.

Briefly, King Abdullah II of Jordan confirmed that, on April 1, 2004, his people captured an Al Qaeda terrorist cell that had in its possession about 20 tonnes of chemicals, including poison-gas WMDs.

The captured terrorists admitted to being involved in a plot designed to kill some 80,000 Jordanians in chemical attacks (WorldNetDaily, May 6, 2004).

The chemicals were moved from Syria into Jordan, after they had first been moved from Iraq. The Al Qaeda operatives admitted to training in Iraq. Their confessions were aired on Jordanian television.

King Abdullah told the San Francisco Chronicle (April 17, 2004) that this terrorist operation "was a major, major operation. ... It would have decapitated the government".

Further corroborating evidence of the Iraq link was provided by former chief US weapons inspector David Kay who, in autumn 2003, told Congress that US satellite reconnaissance showed substantial truck traffic between Iraq and Syria in the weeks before the US-led Coalition forces entered Iraq.

US terrorism expert John Loftus, in an interview with Larry Elder of Creators Syndicate, said: "The best US and allied intelligence say that in the 10 weeks before the Iraq war, Saddam's Russian adviser told him to get rid of all the nerve gas ... So they shipped it across the border to Syria and Lebanon and buried it." (WorldNetDaily, May 6, 2004).

A Syrian journalist, Nizar Najoef, who defected to Europe told the Dutch Telegraf newspaper (January 5, 2004) the actual regions in Syria where Saddam's WMDs were buried.

This story should have received attention from the world's media and politicians. However, only the San Francisco Chronicle, WorldNetDaily, the Philadelphia Trumpet magazine and the Jordanian media carried the story.

In his interview, John Loftus speculated that the US media preferred to focus exclusively on looking for stockpiles of WMDs only in Iraq so as not to disadvantage its favourite presidential candidate, John Kerry, in last November's US elections.

Why the conspiracy of silence or reluctance here in Australia? The reader can work it out.

The evidence may one day be tested and the media and political shame will be exposed.

Tom King,
Elanora, Qld

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