October 8th 2005

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: THE WAR ON TERROR: Identifying and tackling the causes of terrorism

EDITORIAL: Ethanol back on the national agenda

NATIONAL SECURITY: 800 potential terrorists in Australia

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Can Labor ignore Latham's message?

QUARANTINE: Federal Court overturns pig meat import ban

EUROPE: France pays mothers to have more children

DIVORCE LAWS: Fathers turning against Howard

FAMILY: Parental duty of care fails adolescents

EDUCATION: University students struggling with English

SCHOOLS: Primary schools performing poorly

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Germany and the hazards of proportional representation / Minefield Childcare and its critics / Latham diaries fall-out / State-federal jousting

HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC: Using common sense, not condom sense

OPINION: Why Latham's Labor lost

POPULATION: Communist China's abuse of pregnant women

Real face of Labor (letter)

Legal redress for paternity fraud (letter)

Elite media's hatred of Bush (letter)

BOOKS: THE COLLAPSE OF GLOBALISM: and the Reinvention of the World, by John Ralston Saul


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Real face of Labor (letter)

by Brian Handley

News Weekly, October 8, 2005

Before 1955, the Labor Party put principle before politics, and men of substance and character such as Chifley and Curtin rose to the top of the pile to lead a great party.

After the 1955 split, men of substance such as Brian Harradine were isolated and ultimately expelled from the party by men of flawed character such as Mark Latham.

Enter modern Labor where the only guiding principle is personal self-interest and collective self-interest.

When these interests collide, the factions typically sort it out behind closed doors.

Occasionally however, the public get to witness the real face of Labor when the payback goes public as with the current Mark Latham circus.

Kim Beazley Snr was right: the dregs of the middle class do now run the party. Australians should hope and pray they never again run this country.

Brian Handley,
Moe, Vic.

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