November 19th 2005

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Articles from this issue:

EDITORIAL: Terrorism: Australia's moment of truth

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Voters suspicious about workplace reforms

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Canberra fails to defend Australia's trade interests

PRIMARY PRODUCTION: Brazil, Argentina threat to Australian exports

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Icarus and I / Drugs and getting on with our neighbours / France's Muslims - and ours / Varieties of bribery and corruption

SCHOOLS: Doing without grammar, punctuation and spelling

MEDICAL SCIENCE: Embryo stem-cell research - hype and hope

ECONOMICS: Sun still rising - Japan's invincible might

UNITED STATES: Court assault on parental rights

THE HOLOCAUST: 'Auschwitz' and Górecki: reflections on evil and hope

RU-486 a recipe for nightmares (letter)

Saddam and the Australian Wheat Board (letter)

Labor Party's morass (letter)

BOOKS: THE TYRANNICIDE BRIEF: The Story of the Man who sent Charles I to the Scaffold, by Geoffrey Robertson

THE COST OF 'CHOICE': Women Evaluate the Impact of Abortion, edited by Erika Bachiochi

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Court assault on parental rights

by Howard Center

News Weekly, November 19, 2005
American families are under further attack from the US judiciary.

American parents will be barred from having any say about the sort of sex education their children receive at state schools after a landmark ruling by the US Ninth Circuit Appeals Court.

Allan Carlson, international secretary of the World Congress of Families, has said:

"In essence, the court held that, regarding sexual indoctrination (in the guise of sex education), once parents surrender their children to the state education system, the schools can attempt to inculcate attitudes and values which families find abhorrent - over their strenuous objections.

"It's ironic that the schools - which often do an abysmal job of teaching reading, math and history - have taken it upon themselves to train the sexual citizens of tomorrow."

Judge Stephen Reinhardt, who delivered this majority ruling, three years ago ruled that "one nation under God" in the US pledge of allegiance was in violation of the US Constitution.

  • The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society (Rockford, Illinois, USA): press release (November 4, 2005).

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