November 5th 2005

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How democracies perish (letter)

by Mark Braham

News Weekly, November 5, 2005

In News Weekly (October 8, 2005) one learns, from various sources, that:

  • There are 800 potential terrorists in Australia.

  • Muslim terrorists are targeting countries, such as Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia, all opposed to the invasion of Iraq.

  • France could be a Muslim state, through the democratic process, in 25 years.

  • Over 60 per cent of British Muslims want to live under sharia law in the UK.

  • "Big majorities of Muslims support almost all the terrorists' strategic goals".

Perhaps I read the wrong daily newspaper, but I have to turn to News Weekly to get this news.

It is often claimed that Hitler came to power by popular vote; this is incorrect. In the last free election in Weimar Germany, in November 1932, the Nazi vote was dropping dramatically - by 2 million votes - its percentage of the poll down from 37.4 to 33.1 and its Reichstag seats down from 230 to 196. The party had failed to capture the Catholic vote, and the middle classes were beginning to desert the Nazis.

Anti-Semitism did not play an important role in the election; Hitler came to power via political conjuring, not by popular vote. His popularity soared as he thumbed his nose at the democracies and exposed their weakness and perceived effeteness.

The Germans, defeated in war, humbled and humiliated by Versailles, the religious middle classes, shocked at the depravities of liberal Weimar Berlin, responded to Hitler's practised thespian performances and extraordinary political successes.

Hitler was the classic "hero" of the 20th century: a fraud whose practised acting and oratory made him a "winner" in his field of activity - a model for all our politicians, sportsmen, film stars, entertainers and writers, whose private lives, domestically and professionally, godless and depraved, are whitewashed and created by the media presenters either themselves depraved or genuinely fooled, otherwise flabby conformists seeking the approval of their peers.

France will be the first major Western country to become Muslim; Germany will follow. Thus both major European powers will receive righteous retribution for their activities in World War II.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Dr Ameer Ali, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, a "leading moderate" and spokesman for the group of Muslims picked by the Prime Minister for his Canberra summit in August, says that Australians should be able to support the armed resistance against foreign forces in Iraq - including Australian soldiers - without being thrown in jail. (Sydney Morning Herald, October 1, 2005).

I had to read that twice to make sure the good doctor was being correctly reported.

Meanwhile, I trust our civil liberty spokesmen are making plans to go global with branches in Paris and Berlin, even London.

Mark Braham,
Rose Bay, NSW

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