May 7th 2005

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COVER STORY: SECRET INTELLIGENCE: New evidence of Soviet espionage in Australia

EDITORIAL: Australia and China: supping with the devil

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Australia's impending economic slump

SCHOOLS: Give academic excellence a sporting chance

NATIONAL COMPETITION POLICY: Review whitewashes National Competition Policy

TRADE: EU and US try to force China to cut textile exports

DRUGS: Howard Government's drugs campaign falters

REGIONAL VICTORIA: Radical activists' campaign of sabotage

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Labor Agonistes / Blankety Blank / Gentlemen versus players / EU Light Opera

RUSSIA: Baltic States to boycott Moscow's World War II memorial

1955 LABOR PARTY SPLIT: Conference marks 50th anniversary of Split

1955 LABOR PARTY SPLIT: The Great Labor Split remembered

CONSTITUTION: Dangers in Howard's new centralism

RELIGIOUS VILIFICATION LAWS: "Witch" sues over Christian Bible study

How to tackle abortion and pornography (letter)

John Paul II's greatest achievements (letter)

East Timor and West Papua resistance (letter)


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How to tackle abortion and pornography (letter)

by David Perrin

News Weekly, May 7, 2005

News Weekly has recently highlighted the critical problems of abortion and pornography.

Reducing the rate of abortion in Australia will not be achieved until the culture of acceptance of abortion by the majority of Australians is addressed. This culture accepts the proposition that "abortion is acceptable for others even though I would not do it myself". Even religiously-inclined Australians accept this culture.

No politician is going to change the culture while the majority view accepts abortion. This is the major difference between the abortion debate and the debate on marriage. Therefore our first task is to change the pro-abortion culture before we will have any effect on reducing abortion.

With regard to pornography, federal law explicitly states that "an adult can read and watch anything they like". While this principle is slightly modified by the law on child pornography in the federal act, it is the key to all classification decisions.

Unless the federal law is amended to remove this principle, then arguments about classification, board decisions or board composition are futile. Our federal politicians must see the absurdity of this principle and remove it from the law.

David Perrin,
National President,
Australian Family Association,
North Melbourne, Vic.

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