March 26th 2005

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COVER STORY: EDITORIAL: Indonesian President in Australia

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Behind the skills shortage in the not-so-clever country

FOREIGN TRADE: The perils of bilateral trade agreements

SCHOOLS: Teacher unions enforcing the gender agenda

SPECIAL FEATURE: Murder and insurrection: Lance Sharkey in Singapore

BIOETHICS: UN backs ban on human cloning

OPINION: Cutting the abortion rate - the political options

THINKERS: Philosopher of greed: Ayn Rand

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Dicing with our future / China rampant / Double standards?

INTERNATIONAL LAW: Behind the Timor Sea Treaty dispute

HONG KONG: China's man in Hong Kong quits

ASIA: Australia has role in great power contest

PAKISTAN: What role should Islam play in Pakistan?

Unemployment only five per cent? (letter)

How can we save our schools? (letter)

Urban riots a 'wake-up call' (letter)

BOOKS: FEWER: How the new demography of depopulation will shape our future

BOOKS: NELSON'S PURSE, by Martyn Downer

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Urban riots a 'wake-up call' (letter)

by Brian Handley

News Weekly, March 26, 2005

The ugly street violence scenes, witnessed in our national cities recently, are a by-product of a left-liberal libertarian philosophy that has permeated the political fabric of this country.

Examples of this perverse mindset are all too evident.

On one side of the law, we have Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon's declaration that the police "should keep the peace" rather than "enforce the law" on militant demonstrators like the Greens, Bike Riders and their ilk.

On the other side, we have left-wing magistrates who believe that "we" (society) are all guilty, so nobody is guilty.

The thugs who run riot in our streets - should any actually be arrested - thus walk free from the courts with little more than a mild reprimand.

Finally, we have the "guilt industry" itself, made up of left-wing politicians, academics and lawyers who preach the "you are victims" message to all those who have an axe to grind, or a political barrow to push.

The recent anarchy in our streets should thus surprise no one who is capable of clear thinking. We are now reaping the whirlwind of the political left establishment in Australia.

History has taught us that democracy itself can only survive in a well-ordered society where our laws are faithfully enforced. These riots are a wake-up call. Either we start to deal with "reality" in this country, or "reality" will deal with us.

Brian Handley,
Moe, Vic

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