June 18th 2005

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COVER STORY: OPINION: The European Union - charting the future

EDITORIAL: New industrial law needs amendment

FINANCE: Leading banker calls for Development Bank

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kim Beazley's tactics backfire

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: New law to deny patients life-saving treatment

QUARANTINE: Pork industry wins major court victory

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Behind the defection of a Chinese diplomat

DEFENCE: Australia ill-prepared for new threats

FAMILY: Is Australia facing a new baby boom?

OPINION: Bioethics and the biblical worldview

ENVIRONMENT: Debunking myths about the Great Barrier Reef

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Disillusioned Europeans / Can the Euro last? / Some more unintended consequences for the Greens / Not another oil-for-food scam? / The Year of the Octopus

Democracy vs. the courts (letter)

Destroying lives to benefit others (letter)

Informed consent (letter)

Washington's "Deep Throat" a hero? (letter)

BOOKS: C.S. Lewis for the New Millennium, by Peter Kreeft

BOOKS: Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary / The Bonfire of Berlin

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Washington's "Deep Throat" a hero? (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, June 18, 2005

With the revelation that former American FBI Deputy Director, Mark Felt, was the much-discussed "Deep Throat" of the Watergate era, the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork to claim him as a hero - but was he?

His actions could have been motivated by his being passed over for J. Edgar Hoover's job, when the latter died. And what sort of an FBI man would break his oath of office and pass damaging information to the media?

Any claim that he acted on principle is debunked by his later action of doing exactly what the Watergate burglars did. In 1980, he ran an illegal FBI operation, breaking into homes of suspected radicals. For this he was convicted in 1980 and dismissed from office. (President Reagan later pardoned him).

Felt let many others be accused of being "Deep Throat", and has come forward now only because his family needs the money from the proceeds of a book he is publishing. Some hero.

Frank Bellet
Petrie, Qld.

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