July 2nd 2005

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TASMANIA: Potato-farmers' outrage at fast-food giant

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RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Christianity under threat in Sri Lanka

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Europe's malaise (letter)

Colin Teese on Europe (letter)

Strategy to prevent bushfires (letter)

Big Brother: sewage on TV (letter)

Child support reforms (letter)

BOOKS: GAY MARRIAGE: Why it is good for gays, good for straights, and good for America

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Big Brother: sewage on TV (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, July 2, 2005

Following the furore over the telecasting of the porno show, Big Brother, it was totally predictable what arguments defenders of this rubbish would peddle:

  • "If you don't like it switch to something else";

  • "Channel 10 warned viewers in advance what was in the show"; or

  • "Don't try pushing your beliefs on us".

In the latter case, they ignore the fact that they think it is in order to inflict their views on everyone else!

Would local councils be beyond criticism if they warned residents in advance that they intended to dispose of raw sewage by tipping it into the local swimming pool, subsequently telling those who complained that they could simply switch to another pool if they didn't like it?

Some might argue that the local council wouldn't be so uncaring and stupid as to do such a thing. Of course not.

So why are TV executives and their supporting advertisers so uncaring and stupid by emptying raw sewage into their pool of program material?

Frank Bellet,
Petrie, Qld

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