August 13th 2005

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COVER STORY: BRAZIL: The slippery road to communist dictatorship

EDITORIAL: Australia's clean, green image at risk

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Howard Government's industrial relations pain

SCHOOLS: Subverting the English curriculum

NATIONAL SECURITY: Re-thinking Australia's response to terrorism

ECONOMICS: Ethanol and the national interest

CONSTITUTION: What is wrong with a Bill of Rights?

FAMILY LAW: Paternity fraud penalises the innocent

UNITED STATES: John G. Roberts and the US Supreme Court

STRAWS IN THE WIND: How to lose with a royal flush / Hard cases / Another 'bottom of the harbour' scheme? / Waste disposal

CINEMA: 'Vigilante justice' and movie culture

FORTHCOMING TOUR: The 'Mother Teresa of Africa' to tour Australia

Better way to help African poor (letter)

Clinical judgement on treatment of dying (letter)

Serious omission (letter)


BOOKS: NED KELLY'S LAST DAYS: Setting the record straight on the death of an outlaw

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Serious omission (letter)

by Neale Banks

News Weekly, August 13, 2005

In her article "Conspiracy of silence about breast cancer", Babette Francis (News Weekly, July 30, 2005) makes two compelling points:

1) that there is a conspiracy of silence about how reproductive factors affect breast-cancer risk.

2) that there is a statistical link between abortion and breast cancer.

Each of these points is cause for concern.

However, the relative importance of factors surrounding a prospective abortion has been left unaddressed.

In particular, the article can be read as presenting a prospective abortion as being, at least in significant part, a health issue for the mother - and failing to mention the life issue for the child.

From the perspective of one who upholds the absolute sanctity of human life (a point on which I have no doubt that Babette and I concur), this is incorrect. A prospective abortion is, first and foremost, a life issue for the child. This must always be seen, and presented, as the primary consideration.

I was disappointed that the important points presented in the article were overshadowed by this omission.

Neale Banks,
Mt. Waverley, Vic.

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