November 20th 2004

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EDITORIAL: George W. Bush's new direction

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Latham in denial over election loss

EDUCATION: Dr Nelson's new inquiry into school literacy

ESPIONAGE: Did a Soviet spy penetrate ASIO?

SECRET SERVICE: Lest we forget - a life in the shadows

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Old Moore's Almanac / Twilight of the false gods / Abortions, holocausts, and death-wishes

OPINION: Memo, Mark Latham: It's the family, stupid!

ABORTION: Speaking up for the unborn

CLIMATE: Global warming bombshell - hockey-stick plot used modified data

Why we must decentralise now (letter)

Errors about AQIS (letter)

Iraq war (letter)

Bush's Iraq war 'unlawful and immoral' (letter)

US Elections and abortion (letter)

No mandate for Howard Government (letter)

Left's hypocrisy (letter)

Standing for the DLP (letter)

BOOKS: HOW TO KILL A COUNTRY: Australia's Devastating Trade Deal with the United States

BOOKS: GETTING ON TRACK: A Business Plan for Australia


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Old Moore's Almanac / Twilight of the false gods / Abortions, holocausts, and death-wishes

by Max Teichmann

News Weekly, November 20, 2004
Old Moore's Almanac

Watching the US election campaign, and the actual voting processes, was a delightful experience: not to be missed. During the campaign, to see the principal American television and newspaper networks effortlessly blowing their cover, revealing bias, a readiness to manage and doctor news and rig polls, and to demonise and misrepresent the Republicans ... made our local lot seem like vestal virgins.

Murdoch's people, going against the tide, stood out. No wonder his networks, etc, are making such progress in America. And no wonder the Beautiful People in New York and California hate him so. He is in virtually the same situation in the UK. Living dangerously, is our Rupert.

But the amazing antics around the "opinion polls" - and, sheer rapture, the exit polls - would have destroyed any kind of public respect remaining for this whole befuddled industry. At least, for a long time to come.

Similarly, with the cliff-hanger, dead-heat, hung-parliament astrologers here. But, I'd like to move a vote of thanks to Malcolm Mackerras and Michael Moore. Keep up the good work.

I'm still staggered at the Democrats' campaign, from its very beginning; similarly to that of the ALP and its allies. To produce waves of hot air, or stale air, from the days of Camelot and Vietnam as rallying points and legitimisers - e.g., Teddy Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and the Dead Souls from showbiz, the Hollywood crowd, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, et al., showed how utterly trapped in the past, and how cut off from most Americans, the Democrats are.

Of course we saw the same '60s and '70s recidivism here, led by the journos. Yet most Americans and Australians have moved on, even though Europeans and our Left haven't. Some of us haven't got over the deaths of John Lennon, or Phar Lap.

I see few signs of the losers learning anything: only of a deepening denial, and a rising anger at the realisation that most people don't care a tinker's damn what the losers think or say. But we Anglo-Saxons are stuck with subcultures of New Class Rip van Winkles and Colonel Blimps, even though it is the Red Star they wear on their jackets.

As Mussolini said about his tormentor D'Annunzio, who was also on hallucinogens: "He's like a rotten tooth; you either pull it out, or fill it with gold." We've been doing the second of these for 35 years, with painful results. Maybe we should consider Musso's first strategy.

Twilight of the false gods

As Darfur runs further and further out of control, with masses of outsiders watching, such as Mia Farrow and son, and endless supplies of good advice flowing from people at a safe distance, one starts to think of similarities with Iraq. The casts of characters include some of the same people.

The UN, under Kofi Annan, after procrastinating and temporising as it had in Rwanda and Iraq, finally started to bring pressure on the Sudanese Government to protect the people of Darfur, by sending in the Sudanese Army, while itself offering peacekeeping forces. The UN was told to keep out. The whole thing would be settled by the African states. And, in particular, US and British forces - the only ones prepared to be shot at in defence of the refugees - were barred.

The African states, united only in their hatred of the Anglo-Saxons and their contempt for the UN, have done nothing; for they can't agree. Too many deals and counter-deals among themselves, too many links with Khartoum.

The UN eventually threatened to impose economic sanctions on Khartoum, unless it complied, and this enterprise was to be conducted by the Security Council. However, permanent member China has twice warned that she will veto any punitive resolution. Khartoum should be given more time ... and more time, and ... Reason? Well, at least one of China's reasons is that she has access to what are presumed to be large deposits of oil in southern Sudan. And she's got the inside running on them.

We hear, or rather heard, about Iraq being all about oil. It was a war inspired by US multinationals, apparently. But we aren't hearing about oil, Sudan, and that good old Left icon, Beijing. At any rate, the outside world can only offer aid to the 1.5 million refugees, but not protect them.

However, aid is being blocked or misappropriated by rebels and looted by Sudanese soldiers who are now out of control. Warlords are starting to appear. So aid is not getting through, and aid organisations are under physical threat. The UN cannot or will not protect them.

This is the same situation as in Iraq, where the UN, and most aid organisations, after being attacked, have fled. The coalition forces and their governments are striving to make up the difference with their contractors.

So two of the most familiar international forces for keeping the peace, and rescuing victims of war and violence, have virtually left the stage. Leaving only unilateral or multilateral military force, deployed by nations who refuse to stand idly by.

The overseas aid organisations, especially the giant ones, are going to become irrelevant in the very areas where they are most needed. They could well be like Puff the Magic Dragon. Alternative structures may be necessary, and here the churches could be the long-term answer. And aid organisations may have to become contractors to the recipient governments, who would dispense the aid and fix the priorities as they saw fit. The aid is to come, as usual, from outside.

This arrangement would appear to be highly unsatisfactory, at least in many places. But it would be better than nothing.

It is ironic, and in a way a kind of justice, that West European governments and the Western intelligentsia - having laboured so hard and long to spread anti-Americanism across the world and make ideological alliances with Middle Eastern tyrants, pan-African dictators and crooks, smile on whatever China did, suborn the UN, paralyse the EU and NATO, politicise the aid organisations, and trash the Western media - have run into a brick wall.

As they did when they urged collaboration with, or failing that, negotiation and non-resistance to the Fascists and the Communists. At a time when those movements had made it perfectly clear what they wanted to do. Masses of people, hating war, and knowing the costs, hesitated long before reluctantly approving of the employment of force to protect democracy and their countries. But they didn't praise their opponents, or condone their opponents' activities, let alone take their side, while they were making up their minds.

This is the trap into which many Europeans, and the Western intelligentsia, have walked twice before. And this time, they may be about to become history. Particularly disgraceful history.

Abortions, holocausts, and death-wishes

When the old Soviet Union, drowned in existential despair, was lurching to its close, some pretty devastating information started coming out, and appearing in journals like The New York Review of Books.

Horrific statistics about the abortion rates, the appalling gynaecological consequences of repeated abortions (e.g., nine or ten before the age of 30), statistics about the momentous alcohol problems among Russian men, with medical consequences for both sexes, and a hospital and medical culture slowly collapsing.

Russians were not reproducing themselves, whereas Muslims in the southern republics were having very large families. We know that the situation has not improved since perestroika.

So when Tony Abbott and now the Governor-General say that there are too many abortions, we are on familiar ground. Despite what has just happened in the US, most politicians don't want a debate - even a discussion. Might lose votes.

One Tory leader said it was entirely the woman's business, and politicians should keep out. It wasn't a political question. Was he serious? Joe Hockey said it was the woman's business - it wasn't even a moral question. Really?

One lady I know - member of a family of six children, whose children are now also reproducing their kind in similar numbers - made some interesting points to me.

(1) The abortion culture reminded her of the Holocaust - a way of systematically getting rid of people you don't want.

(2) People in the West no longer believe in anything, have no genuine hopes for a happy future, so have none for any progeny who would follow. Valuing nothing, except the passing moment, they do not even value human life, or anything which was a part of themselves.

(3) Although women appear to be the principals in these lethal activities, how many men are tacit supporters and defenders of the destruction of human beings - for their own selfish or pathological reasons? After all, we no longer take the Family Court, the legal profession, or the medical profession on trust - do we? They appear to have the same problems, and tendencies, as the rest of us.


I've gingerly explored the question, "Why do so many people in the West - admittedly, drawn from certain age groups and class memberships - so hate the West?" As has come out from 1917 onwards. Hate their own culture and history and country and countrymen.

This simply leads to the deeper question, why do they secretly dislike, or hate, the human race? Life itself? May not many of the political and cultural and philosophical attacks upon the West simply be rationalisations and projections of a basic existential dysfunctionalism?

And such people are suckers for any story which will say that disasters await us ahead. Global warming, world depression, nuclear disasters, Armageddon. If you explode one myth, you find they have another one ready.

Our schoolchildren have been regularly and compulsorily inducted into this essential paranoid view of the world by teachers who - finding life a party to which they weren't invited, or from which they'd been ejected, and finding the future a vista of 200 happy hours end-on-end, and no more - use their power to put the evil eye on the hopes and the optimism of the young, insofar as these still remain.

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