November 6th 2004

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OPINION: How I would tackle poverty

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End the shame of ACT pornography (letter)

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BOOKS: Catholicism, Protestantism And Capitalism, by Amintore Fanfani

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End the shame of ACT pornography (letter)

by Eugene O'Callaghan

News Weekly, November 6, 2004

As the proud grandparents of 19 grandchildren, now reaching into adolescence, my wife and I were impressively moved by attendance at the recent annual John Curtin Memorial Lecture given by our WA Governor, on the subject of "Ethics and a Fair Go".

His presentation was a balanced and proudly Australian resumé of the endeared principle that underlies the Australian endeavour to reach for a "fair go".

The presentation by Lt General Sanderson of Australia's "fair go" message drew my focus on the fact that whilst each of our State governments has an enforced legal prohibition on the marketing, in any form, of X-rated pornographic material, we, as voters, are seen to endorse such material, as the Federal Government has preserved the right of the Australian Capital Territory to export all kinds of degrading pornographic material throughout Australia.

This surely is an insult to the Australian people, and diminishes us in the eyes of others, especially those of the Islamic faith.

As Australian security services strive to prevent a repetition of the Bali bombing, we all know very well the respect that is paid to the clothing of women in the Islamic tradition, and the penalty when it is breached.

Why then, in the face of the disgust felt by average Australians, does the Federal Government continue to permit this trade in the ACT, and the exporting of depraved pornographic material, giving offence to our nearby neighbours?

While we cannot expect people like our Governor to enter the fray, there is an urgent need for Australians to register their disgust, as there was with the recent public outrage expressed towards paedophile teachers and child carers, and to urge the Federal Government to act on the fact that the ACT is permitted to act as a distribution centre for the export of X-rated pornographic material around Australia.

Eugene O'Callaghan,
Executive Director,
OKal Enterprises,
North Fremantle, WA

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