May 8th 2004

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COVER STORY: Trade deal - surrendered sovereignty

EDITORIAL: Competition policy destroys retail liquor competition

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Will new NCP inquiry be a whitewash?

COMMENT: Economic zealotry triumphs over commonsense

EMBRYOS: Cloning - a licence to kill

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Fallout from hospital strikes / Lots of help for MPs

ENVIRONMENT: PM at odds with Murray River report

HEALTH: Sexual reassignment at age 13!

Expert advice? (letter)

Dairy industry (letter)

Latham and Asia (letter)

DEVELOPING WORLD: Grameen Bank - banking on the poor

EAST ASIA: Why Japan is building a ballistic missile defence

BIOFUELS: Sugar industry forum on ethanol

COMMENT: Iraq is not Vietnam

HUMAN RIGHTS: Vietnam's sex trade shame

FAMILY: Why John Howard is right on marriage

ASIA: Why Taiwan should be in WHO

BOOKS: LEFT ILLUSIONS: An Intellectual Odyssey, by David Horowitz

BOOKS: The Coming Of The Third Reich, By Richard J. Evans

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Sugar industry forum on ethanol

by News Weekly

News Weekly, May 8, 2004
The Sugar Industry Reform Committee recently conducted a highly successful seminar on ethanol and bio-industry issues in the Burdekin region.

Brazilian Trade Commissioner, Pedro Menezes, suggested that Australian cane farmers could benefit from renewable fuels, as Brazilian growers are able to benefit from ethanol in motor vehicles. Ethanol, he emphasised, did not damage car engines.

He said it would help Brazilian ethanol exports if other countries such as Australia also exported ethanol, since some countries are only interested in buying it from Brazil within a competitive environment.

Bill Elliott, from Dalby Bio Refinery Limited, described the logistics and finances behind establishing ethanol-producing plants.

Dr Ray Kearney, who monitors emissions from Sydney's new road tunnels, described the advantages to human health of reducing the toxic emissions from cars by using ethanol blended fuels.

The Prime Minister was due to release a package for the sugar industry after News Weekly went to press. Comment on the package will appear in the next issue.

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