May 8th 2004

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Expert advice? (letter)

by Neil Eagle

News Weekly, May 8, 2004

The recent Federal House of Representatives' inter-party committee report into the science behind the Living Murray proposal highlights an urgent need to make supposed experts on the government payroll - and those engaged financially to advise governments on a consultancy basis - accountable and responsible.

These people are making recommendations and tendering opinions which, if adopted, could have dramatic and adverse impacts on the livelhoods of large numbers of people, regions and Australia as a whole.

It is disturbing to see in the Herald Sun (April 11) that our Prime Minister is flagging the intention to ignore the recommendations of that inter-parliamentary committee, which is accountable to the electorate.

Ten of the 11 committee members supported the report and detailed their findings - including two Labor members. One solitary Labor member dissented.

In defiance of factual, uncontested data within the MDBC and CSIRO, we continue to have the oft-repeated rhetoric of a dead and dying river continually being peddled by people in positions of trust on government payrolls, in conjunction with ultra-green groups and the city media.

These people - who are not accountable to the Australian electorate - have yet to be recognised as the feral mischief-makers that they are.

I do not totally blame politicians - they are swamped with information, much of it conflicting, upon which to base their decisions.

However, something should be done to stop supposed experts from purposely misleading and distorting the facts to further a blind ideological agenda

The majority of people see it as desirable that criminals should not prosper from their activities when apprehended and convicted. They agree that assets, so derived, should be subject to confiscation by government.

Much in the same vein, I wonder if these supposed experts were faced with that sort of rigour whereby, if exposed and found guilty of purposely misinforming governments and the general public, that their future employment and benefits such as superannuation and awards be forfeited.

I am sure we would see a much more responsible attitude manifest itself in their future pronouncements.

Neil Eagle,
Barham, NSW

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