February 28th 2004

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: Don't torch the sugar industry!

CANBERRA OBSERVED: New tactics needed to handle Latham challenge

TRADE: Where does new free trade pact leave us?

NCC holds successful 2004 National Conference

DRUGS: Sweden turns off teenage drug tap

STRAWS IN THE WIND : Alabama's got the bomb / Swords into ploughshares / Closed minds

Free trade and sugar (letter)

Rethink US-Australia FTA (letter)

A Cuban's view of Fidel Castro (letter)

Political correctness in schools (letter)

Superannuation a tax on families (letter)

FAMILY: Marriage under attack

TAIWAN: Cliffhanger election will affect China relations

MEDIA: Confronting sloppy journalism

HISTORY: The continuing legacy of the 1960s

COMMENT: Getting history wrong - Ross Fitzgerald's 'The Pope's Battalions'

BOOKS: The Electronic Whorehouse, by Paul Sheehan

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The Electronic Whorehouse, by Paul Sheehan

by Richard Egan (reviewer)

News Weekly, February 28, 2004
by Paul Sheehan

Macmillan, Rec. price: $30.00

These essays by a working journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald are united by a common perspective on the contemporary media as riddled with shallowness, ideological bias, a disregard for truth and a gang mentality which countenances vicious, reputation rape of selected victims.

In "Anatomy of a Smear", Sheehan chronicles the efforts of David Marr of the ABC's Media Watch and his allies to destroy the reputation of Janet Albrechtsen, a regular columnist in The Australian.

Her "crime" was to explore the "utter disdain for their young Western victims" shown by Lebanese Muslim gang rapists in Sydney.

Robert Manne accused Albrechtsen of being "factually careless, socially reckless and morally cavalier" and most seriously of all, in Professor Manne's eyes, fermenting "Islamophobia". Mark Latham used parliamentary privilege to label Albrechtsen a "skanky-ho" which, translated from gangsta rap, means "ugly whore".

Marr's accusations against Albrechsten of plagiarism are carefully analysed and discredited and Sheehan further demonstrates that Marr's attack was itself plagiarised from the work of Amir Butler of the Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

Sheehan devotes two essays to asylum seekers and two to Aboriginal issues. He engages in careful analysis of media commentary on these topics, demonstrating repeatedly that once the media had a "line" there was a systematic refusal to report material that undermined or contradicted the favoured position.

Sheehan cites Alan Ramsey's view that the media, after failing to help Labor secure a win at the November 2001 election, subsequently sought to undermine the moral legitimacy of the Howard Government through a one-sided beat up about asylum seekers, including the "children overboard" issue.

On the "stolen children" debate, Sheehan compares the overblown rhetoric and moral posturing of Robert Manne, Sir Ronald Wilson and Phil Noyce's Rabbit-Proof Fence with the historical record, particularly as evidenced in the Cubillo case.

Sheehan combines detailed and comprehensive analysis of particular media failings with acerbic comments on those media players he sees as the worst offenders against truth and decency.

Electronic Whorehouse complements and confirms the work of American commentator, Michael Medved, Bernard Goldberg in his book, BIAS: A CBS Insider Reveals How the Media Distort the News and David Flint's Twilight of the Elites.

Reading Sheehan will help immunise you against the next plague of intellectual contagion being spread by the mass media. Do it now!

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