August 28th 2004

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2004 Fighting Fund launched

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2004 Fighting Fund launched

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, August 28, 2004
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Dear Friend,

Few people would dispute that Australia is experiencing cultural disintegration, which is doing terrible damage to society's fundamental institution, the family.

The Movement remains resolutely committed to its founding vision:

* The family - not the big corporation - as the fundamental unit of society and centre of economic life, making families independent of the welfare state, thriving on the principles of a family wage, and the widespread ownership of family businesses, family farms and property.

* Respect for the integrity of the human person and the family in the law, caring professions, industrial system and culture - be it on human life issues, or in respect for marriage, or in providing a just wage, or in the media.

* Democratic government that defends the economic independence of the nation from foreign debt and foreign domination, and guarantees widespread ownership of wealth.

* Peace and security in our region through growing our population; building a strong, self-sufficient defence force, aligned to the West; and building stable neighbouring states.

Only the NCC holds these as the principles for establishing peaceful, just and free societies.

This vision for Australia was challenged first by communism, and now by unbridled globalism and the secular philosophy of individualism, the idea that "I have a right to do as I please, without regard to the common good of others".

Globalism, the policies of deregulation, is destroying farming and deindustrialising the nation. It is creating an underclass where almost 30% of men over the age of 25 cannot find full-time work. This is a principle reason for the decline in marriage and fertility, and the blow out of the social security and welfare bill from 27% to 43% of the Federal Budget in 18 years. In turn, this has crippled the government's ability to fund health, education, infrastructure, defence and other vital services.

Unbridled globalism is also driving the glossy commercialism of sex, the squalid exploitation of youth, the pricing of young people out of the housing market, married women into the paid workforce and the decline in family life.

The ascendency of self-centered individualism over Judeo-Christian values has struck at the age-old definition of marriage through the atempt to legalise homosexual marriages.

The NCC's unique role is to lead the rebuilding and revitalisation of the culture and defeat the forces of globalism and secular individualism. Critically, this is why the NCC:

* Is committed to legislation that defines marriage as being exclusively between a man and a woman for life; and

* Organised family farmers and small business-based industries to fight deregulation and other policies that are destroying small business in favour of big corporations.

Please help us do what neither the political parties nor other institutions can do in the fight for the family. Please give generously to our Fighting Fund.

Peter Westmore
NCC President
August 2004

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