October 18th 2003

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Taiwan and the UN (letter)

by Osman Chia

News Weekly, October 18, 2003

I refer to your report entitled "Taiwan and United Nations membership". (NW, September 20)

It is regrettable that Taiwan failed in its 11th bid to join the UN on September when General Assembly rejected a proposal presented by 15 of Taiwan's allies to put the issue on the UN agenda.

Since the Chinese communists took control of the Chinese mainland and established the People's Republic of China in 1949, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have been governed as separate countries, with neither having any control or jurisdiction over the other.

Taiwan sets its own policies, conducts its own national defense, and engages in formal and substantive relations with other state of the world community.

Taiwan now is a free, vibrant democracy. Taiwan is the 17th largest economy in the world, with the third largest foreign exchange reserves, 15th largest trade volume, and third largest volume of IT export.

This exceptional economic performances guarantees that Taiwan is wellÁVequipped to fulfill the UN's goal of "higher standards of living, full employment, and conditions of economic and social progress and development."

Taiwan's exclusion from the United Nations has hindered its ability to contribute to multilateral efforts towards the common good of the world.

Representation in this universal organisation in the world would provide the people of Taiwan a more effective and efficient channel to coordinate efforts and expand cooperation with other members of the global community.

In this new century, where global cooperation plays a key role in all endeavors for peace and prosperity, the international community cannot afford to shut out a responsible and peace-loving partner.

The UN must uphold the principle of universality and invite Taiwan to lend a hand in making the world a better place for all.

Osman Chia,
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office,
Sydney, NSW

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