November 29th 2003

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COVER STORY RESPONSE : No immigration policy without an industry policy

EDITORIAL: Time to reform super

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Illegal immigration returns as an election issue

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QUEENSLAND: Labor falters, but where is the opposition?

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Poleaxed / Tax Avoidance / Collateral damage

LETTERS: Destruction of Australia's textile industry

LETTERS: The bushfire nightmare

LETTERS: Bushfires and the insurance industry

LETTERS: Jim Cairns: the real legacy

LETTERS: Organised opposition

LETTERS: Call for funding to support the unborn

SBS TV should not telecast Vietnamese communist propaganda

ASIA: Why Japan has lifted its military profile

BOOKS: Death as a salesman: What's wrong with Assisted Suicide, by Brian Johnston

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The bushfire nightmare

by C.F. Wilson

News Weekly, November 29, 2003

I wish to congratulate Peter Westmore on his Editorial 'Bushfires - why the nightmare will be repeated' (News Weekly, November 1).

Having lived in the bush all my life I fully support him in the necessity to burn bush regularly, at least every 4-5 years for the benefit of the wildlife living there and also the flora.

The Greenies and the environmentalists are against this, they believe the bush benefits from no fires.

But eventually, probably by lightning strikes, a fire does start up on a hot windy day. It's difficult and dangerous to control, most of the wildlife is lost, and also many species of flora, because the heat of many years of accumulated rubbish on the forest floor burns well down into the ground.

It's time that the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) employed a person as its head, one who has been brought up in the bush and understands the requirements needed for the best interests of the flora and fauna and also the adjoining land owners.

I blame the Government for giving in to the Greenies and the environmentalists and proclaiming more National Parks when they can't care for what they already have.

The Holy Plain III P, adjoining my sons property at Willing hasn't been burnt for thirty-five years, although I've been requesting it for many years.

The bush is so thick that the larger animals (roos, emus and wallabies) just camp on the edge and come on to adjoining farm lands at night to feed.

If a fire gets in that bush on an Ash Wednesday type day, and adjoining land owners lose their lives because of the negligence of the DSE in adequately caring for these national parks, they could be up for millions of dollars in compensation.

Please give it some thought before it's too late.

C.F. Wilson
Rosedale, Vic

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