May 31st 2003

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NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Budget proves paralysis in family policy

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SUGAR: A return to feudal agriculture?

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ECONOMY: Where the Budget leaves us

HEALTH: Over-the-counter sale for morning after pill?

OBITUARY: Tom Perrott (1921-2003)

Why Washington is warming to India

President Vicente Fox and Mexico's demographic threat

TAIWAN: SARS response shows strength of democracy

Dollar drive 'dumbs down' the media

BOOKS: FORCED LABOR: What's Wrong with Balancing Work and Family?, Brian Robertson

BOOKS: Italian Travel Pack CD

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Tom Perrott (1921-2003)

by Kieran Ryan

News Weekly, May 31, 2003
The death of Tom Perrott in Perth on May 14 at the age of 82 is a significant loss to many Western Australians, particularly members and supporters of the National Civic Council.

As the head of a family of prominent business people he was of enormous help to the Movement in this State and, in addition to his own personal and family generosity, he led it to many sources of corporate support.

This strong support for the work of the NCC lasted for more than 30 years with Tom holding the important position of Chairman of the NCC Sponsoring Committee for the last 17 years. The financial viability of the work would have been quite improbable without the work of this committee.

Tom Perrott had a deep respect and admiration for the late Bob Santamaria whom he considered to be one of the great minds of the 20th century. He was always prepared to assist the work that Mr Santamaria had started not just because of Santamaria but because he fervently believed it to be right.


He was a confidant, adviser, benefactor, underwriter, organiser and friend. Personally, in my years at the head of the organisation in two States, it was a great comfort to know that Tom would support you to the hilt if you happened to get into trouble, in a job where that sort of thing was always a possibility. The knowledge of his support was important to both confidence and morale.

For those who endure the rigours of that kind of work on a daily basis, support of this nature is immeasurable. It sustains and it encourages.

Tom Perrott was a noted West Australian in business, sport and the Catholic Church. He was a past chairman of the Knights of the Southern Cross, and a founding executive member and chairman of Southern Cross Homes, which has provided care and accommodation for thousands of elderly West Australians. He pioneered contract painting in this State and, while the family ventured into many other areas of corporate activity his grandson still continues on the earlier work in the family name. His family business activities have been a feature of the local landscape for more than 40 years.

His contribution to cricket as chairman of the West Australian Cricket Association has been of great importance to the development of the game in this state. His passing is a great loss to us. Very sincere condolences are extended to Eileen and all members of his family.

  • Kieran Ryan

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