February 8th 2003

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COMMENT: Iraq's last chance to avert war

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Howard turns eyes to NSW poll

HIGH COURT: A further improvement in the High Court

STRAWS IN THE WIND: False Dawn / Iraq another Vietnam? / UN: ideal and reality

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Why men avoid fatherhood (letter)

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Firefighters deserve our thanks (letter)

Canberra's tragedy (letter)

Case against Saddam not established (letter)

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Cane farmers' survey (letter)

PROFILE: Solzhenitsyn: the conscience of modern society

ASIA: China launches massive infrastructure expansion

VICTORIA: Taxpayers bankroll alternative lifestyles

ASIA: Taiwan's rural finance in trouble

BOOKS: ANSETT: the Collapse, by Geoff Easdown and Peter Wilms

BOOKS: Human Cloning and Human Dignity: The Report of the President's Council on Bioethics

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Case against Saddam not established (letter)

by Rev Dr D. Clarnette

News Weekly, February 8, 2003

The case against Saddam Hussein (NW, January 25) has never been established satisfactorily to my mind. Certainly, News Weekly did not do this. The weight of evidence suggests a contrary position.

Hussein is not a nice fellow to be sure. But he heads a sovereign state. However, another sovereign state, USA, which once generously subsidised Iraq, when the USA's self-interest deemed it appropriate, now arrogates to itself the right to stir up war against it! As for the claim that Iraq ignores UN resolutions, what about Israel's flagrant, repeated and contemptuous disregard for UN resolutions against it?

As for the investigation into Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD), why should it be thought so evil that Iraq has any? What about the WMD held by the USA, Israel and other states? When are these states going to be investigated? But of course they are the 'good guys', and Iraq is not.

The USA's posturing on Iraq leaves too many questions unanswered. I, for one, do not believe the USA has any business readying for war. Clearly many others, both inside and outside the USA, feel the same way.

It is pertinent to note Time's recent poll (January 15) of Europeans, on which was viewed as the most dangerous state of three. Out of 144,000 votes cast, 10 per cent said North Korea, 11 per cent Iraq and 79 per cent said the USA. But Israel's historic policy towards Palestine also makes it a dangerous state.

Rev Dr D. Clarnette
Benalla, Vic

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