December 13th 2003

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The morning-after pill in schools

by Molly Brennan

News Weekly, December 13, 2003

"The morning after pill: coming soon to a school near you?" (News Weekly, November 1). Here, the answer is that it has already come - as long ago as last year.

In January 2002, the CEO of our Catholic Education Office decided to bring our Catholic schools into what he perceives to be the "real world".

He judged it incumbent on him "to ensure that students have the basic knowledge and skills to deal with [this] real world".

He also judged that the students should be taught these skills though they are "not congruent with current Catholic teaching" - and though they include how to deceive their parents.

Among these skills, taught by means of information sheets distributed by the Catholic Education Office to the Diocesan Catholic school are those necessary for successful contraception/abortion by means of the "morning after" pill. How to take it, how it works, how to acquire it without their parents' knowledge.

The South Devon plan does not seem much deadlier than ours for fifteen-year-old children.

I fear that, in the not too distant future, the Church will again find itself being sued, in this case by women who ascribe their sterility to their abortions from the age of fifteen, and hold their Catholic schools responsible.

Molly Brennan,
Bendigo, Vic

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