December 16th 2000

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Letter: Medicare

by Dr G Anaf

News Weekly, December 16, 2000


Helen Spring has highlighted the "Item 319 anomaly", a policy conceived by a perceived need to fill the "black hole" which the Coalition felt they inherited.

The National Association of Practising Psychiatrists (NAPP) has been at the forefront of efforts to both publicise the inequity inherent in this policy, and played a pivotal role in attempts to have Item 319 repealed.

Indeed, our public record in this regard dates back to 1996, the very time it was introduced. NAPP has always taken a dim view of any managerially based "reform" that disadvantages patients, denies them quality care by experienced clinicians, and denies these same clinicians the ability to practise according to the highest ethical standards inherent in their training.

Item 319 does exactly these things, regrettably. NAPP feels it is right and proper that people of all persuasions should question this trend in public policy decision-making. We feel it is right and proper that people ask what motivates our policy makers - patient welfare, or managerially inspired economic "reform" ?

Dr G Anaf
President, NAPP
Arncliffe, NSW

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